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The Web Master has gathered these beady objects for your viewing pleasure

 This entry was accepted into the 2004 Beadwork Beaded Figure Traveling Exhibit.

Click on picture to see larger version

Closeup of bottom. Click on picture to see larger version
Click here to see the gallery of felted items

Country View

 These two pieces were accepted into the Bead Dreams competition for the 2006 Bead & Button Show and appear in the October 2006 Bead & Button magazine with the other entries from the show.

They were also entered into the 2006 Minnesota State Fair. Both won a second place in their category with "Millie" also taking the special bea embroidery award.
Click on the pictures to see larger versions.
In January 2007 both pieces were sent to Japan for a traveling exhibit.


 I appeared on "Making Jewelry" on the DIY Network in October 2004. It keeps rerunning and many people have asked for pictures of the necklaces featured on that show and the DIY web Site. This necklace was also in Beadwork Creates Necklaces along with another project - The Wire Crocheted necklace.

The green necklace at the right was the original version with the two blue ones done using the same technique but the softfex added sooner. When I teach this as an all day class about 80% of the students go home wearing their necklaces.


click on the pictures to see a larger version

One of three pieces to be exhibited in "Great Northern Beadwork" at the Kerredge Gallery in Hancock, MI
September 5 - 10, 2000

Loopy Loomed Bracelet -
Did you know a loomed piece could be three dimensional?

Loomed Necklace using the Split Loom technique

Click on image to see larger picture.

Denim Vest with Unicorn Seahorses

My friend Eileen spent 2 years to complete all these beaded ornaments for her tree.
Click on the picture to see a closeup of the tree. Click here to see closeup of the ornaments

Example of what can be done with the Porcelain Cameo's for sale on the supply page

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