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You may ask why this part of the web site is called Traveling with Tweenies. Several years ago I was visiting my friend Lydia Borin (aka The Beadwrangler) and was telling her about a class I teach called Tweenies (beaded spacers that go be"tween" other beads) She was telling me about plans to expand her web site (no longer available). By the time the visit ended I had agreed to write some articles for her site about the bead stores I had visited during my various travels around the country. She named the section of her site Traveling with Tweenies because she said everytime she thought of me she thought of the Tweenies. I have since started my own web site and the Traveling with Tweenies will now appear here.

List of Current Articles: Just click on the one you want to read
1.) Antiquing in London
2.) October 2001 trip to the Czech Republic
3.) Upper Midwest Bead Society Bead Challenge April 2001
4.) The Great Czech Two-Hole Bead Wars
5.) The Demise of the Rivoli

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