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 The Demise of the Rivoli?
By Doris Coghill - May 2013


    For many seed beaders one of the most popular Swarovski stones has been the Rivoli (Article #1122). These stones have been available in many sizes ranging from 17ss (about 4mm) to 18mm in about 50 colors.

I think just about every seed beader out there has learned to bezel around a Rivoli and many issues of the beading magazines contain patterns using these popular stones. Even if you have never figured out how to pronounce the name Ri-VO-li or RIV-a-li or ???, most beaders have loved this stone. I am saying loved, as I am sorry to say that Swarovski stopped production of most colors of the 16 and 18mm sizes of this popular stone over a year ago.

You probably have not noticed as many outlets and the factory itself had a good stock, but soon they will be harder to find. The good news is that Swarovski will continue to still produce the crystal and crystal AB in 16 and 18mm. These are the colors that E.H. Ashley & Company use as a base to do their custom coatings.

So while you will no longer be able to get the standard colors (Siam, Emerald, Sapphire, etc) you will still be able to get the "fancy" colors (Vitrail, Bermuda Blue, Purple Haze, Volcano, etc)

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