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 Vintage Necklaces from the Czech Republic
On a recent trip to the Czech Republic I found a stash of vintage necklaces made sometime between the two world wars. At that time the bead/jewelry industry was very much a home based cottage industry. The bead companies sent a design and a supply of beads to the home worker requesting X amount of finished pieces. The home worker would make up all the beads usually getting X amount of finished product plus several more. Usually the company would only buy the original X amount, which meant that the home worker got to keep the extra finished items to do with as they pleased. Many times these finished pieces ended up in basements or attics waiting for someone else in the family to deal with in later years. Such is the case with the stash that I purchased.

Style Name & Description Click on image below to see larger picture
 Style #2 Clear Crystal

20" single strand clear crystal bead necklace. Bicone shaped beads are graduated from 4mm to 14mm.
 Style #4 Amber Rondels

18" single strand amber pressed glass and rondel necklace. Pressed glass rice shaped beads are 5mm by 9mm. Rondels are 6mm fire polished.
 Style # 6 Mellon

18" pressed glass beads. Graduated widths from 6mm to 16 mm. Center 9 beads are Mellon beads.
 Style # 7 Spiral

 18" inch single strand necklace with center spiral. Available in Orange, Blue and Multicolored.
 Style # 8 Small Crystal

18" inch single strand graduated crystal necklace. Beads graduated from 3mm to 8mm - bicone shaped. Available in clear and lemon colored.

 Vintage Czech Jewelry



Necklaces are approximately 18 inches long, unless noted.  Price is $18 per necklace. Purchase price, less shipping, will be refunded (within 60 days) if not satisfied with quality of the necklace.


Originally $18 each
now $12 each

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