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Special Purchase - Toho Permanent Finish in mixed colors

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 Toho Permanent

Available in shiny finish
Size 11 or 8 or 6
Mat finish sold out

Packaged in 3 inch flip tops

11/8 - Approx 26 grams

6 - Approx 24 grams


 Toho Permanent

Available in Mat or shiny finish
Size 15

Packaged in 1.5 inch flip tops

Approx 12 grams



Round seed beads now available in Size 15 - 11 - 8 and 6

We have carried round seed beads at shows - but have never listed them on the web site.
We are now in the process of adding them. Please be patient until we get all the photos taken and the individual items added.
Until then, here is a list of what is available. Just add the color number and size to the comments section of your order - or send us an email
If there is not a price listed on the grid - that color is not carreid in that size


All are Japanese and a combination of Miyuki, Toho or Matsuno
Size 6-8-11 are packaged in 3 inch flip tops and size 15 are in 1.5 inch flip tops

Need Bead Storage - We also Carry Flip Top Boxes and Containers to hold them

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