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Pewter Tassels and other Components

Silver plated Pewter. Lead free. Will not tarnish

Supply list for Diane's piece
15 Grams Delica # 35
4 Grams Delica # 21
2 Grams Size 15 silver colored seed beads
Wood Needle Case
124 4mm Daisy Spacers
2 8mm Bead Caps or Daisy Spacers
2 6mm soldered rings
20" chain
6 Pewter beads 8-10mm
eyepins, clasp, thread

Here is the one I made from Diane's pattern. I varied a little from the pattern in the supplies.
I used 3mm daisy spacers instead of 4mm and I used a 5mm Daisy spacer on the end cap

 Watch for the
October/November 2012 issue of Beadwork Magazine for the
Bedouin Amulet Case Necklace

by Diane Fitzgerald that uses these tassels and other pewter pieces.

Or make it in Gold and make your own tassels using the gold pewter bead caps -

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Silver plated Pewter Tassels

1 3/4"           out of stock      1 3/4"     out of stock            2"

  QuantityOUT of Stock

Wood Needle Case
2.25" x .5"


  # 021

Metallic Steel
Approx 7 grams
 $ 6.25

Metallic Silver
Approx 7 grams
 $ 6.25
  # 031

24K Gold Plated
Approx 7 grams
 $ 11.00
  # 034

24K Light Gold Plated
Approx 7 grams
 $ 10.00

24K Gold Plated Mat
Approx 7 grams
 $ 12.50

 Size 15 - Round

Metalic Steel Blue
Approx 12 grams
 $ 4.80

 Other Delica Colors available here

Daisy Spacer

Available in 3 or 4mm
Gold or Silver
plated Pewter
 $ 1.75

11 gram bag
4mm - 150+ pieces
3mm 220+ pieces

Daisy Spacer
plated Pewter
 $ .10


5mm     6mm      7mm
18/Bag     20/Bag      12/Bag

Misc Spacers

plated Pewter

These work for the end cap
 $ 0.50



10mm         8mm        7mm
Scalloped   Looped       Dots

Bead Caps

plated Pewter

 $ 0.15



 Rhodium Plated $2.00 per foot

Gold plated $2.50 per foot

9x6mm         8x6mm        10x4mm
Round     Sm Square      Lg Square

Silver Plated Pewter Beads


9x6mm Round or 8x6 Small Square
$ 0.20 each

 Large Square 10x4mm $0.30 each


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California/Minnesota Residents please note: Lead Warning

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