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Kumihimo = Japanese Braiding
This Japanese Braiding technique is easy, fast and fun. You can do necklaces, bracelets
straps for a purse or tote bag, shoestrings and much more. You are only limited
by your imagination. Make them thin with a single strand or make them heavy with
multiple strands. Any type of yarn or string will work. You can also add beads
to the yarn. Push one bead up and into the braid with each stitch or every few stitches.
Or add the beads as embellishment after the braid is completed.

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Picture & Stock # Available Colors Picture & Stock # Available Colors

  8 Sided disk

This is the easiest of the disks to use. It is impossible to loose your place in the braiding sequence with this style. Actual color may differ from picture.
This disk does a 7 strand braid.

Shoe Lace kit
Uses this disk
(disk not included in kit)

Jazz up your favorite pair of shoes with these beaded shoe laces

3 3/4 inch wide
ncludes laminated card with instructions



Available in three colors


Kumihimo disks
Each is about 6" across - 1/2 inch thick

The round disk is made for round braids and the square plate for flat braids. However you can actually do either one on either disk - it is just easier to keep track of the pattern sequence for the flat braids on the square plate.


 NEW Thicker 3/4 inch Disk
Holds your yarn more firmly
Two sizes 4.25 or 6 inches


 NEW Size Disk

Comes with direction sheet that contains patterns for several styles of round braid

Just the right size for take along projects or to slip in your purse


Bobbins to hold your yarn as you work
Shown closed - open and stacked

These also work very well for bead crochet or bead knotting. String your beads then wind then on theses bobbins to keep them from tangling while you work

Small size now available with weights
Set of 8 for $7.99


  Available in 3 Sizes

Small 1.5 "   $0.50


Medium 2.5"    $0.65


Large 3.5"    $3.00


Yarn for Braiding
This yarn is made from 100% Bamboo and is soft and pliable.
Each 100 gram ball contains about 250 yards.
It works up beautifully for jewelry but can also be used for Knitting or Crochet.

 # 9




Yarn Closeout sale 55% off
100% Bamboo Yarn
by South West Trading Company.
This yarn has been discontinued by the
manufacturer - so get it while you can

Available in 10 great
variegated colors

#1 - #403 Yellows

#3-134 - Sage Green

#7 - #143 Multi Colors

#9 - #407 Shades of Brown

#10 - # 404 Reds/blacks

All others out of stock

Was $13.50 each
Now $6.00 - 55% off

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