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Needle Felting Tools and Supplies

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Coming Soon - wool roving

Click here for felting kits

Click here for felted beads to embellish

Click here for the felting Gallery - see what you can do with just a little wool

Features a needle guard that can be locked in place for safe storage. Also helps to keep the needles away from your fingers while you are using it

5 Needle Felting Tool

Includes 5 "Fine"needles
Now $9.60


Top unscrews to allow for replacement of broken needles or to use the needles singlely.

 Set of 5 replacement needles
Now $3.90


Caution - all felting needles are very SHARP. Keep them away from your fingers while felting and out of reach of children and animals.

 Individual Felting Needles
 These needles WILL NOT fit the felting tool - they are made to be used individually and come in three weights.
$1.25 each
Now .75


Fine - used for finishing small detailed areas such as sculptured faces
Medium - General Purpose
Heavy - used for course or heavy wool

For most projects any of the sizes will work
Felting Bases

You need something under your project to keep the felting needles from breaking or damaging the surface you are working on.

Felting Brush
Used for Needle Felting on Fabric
Try it on your jeans - just be sure to wash them before you wear them again to complete the felting process.

Small Mat 3.5" X 2.75"      $10.00
Now $6.00
This size has been discontinued
There are 4 left in stock

Large Mat 3.5" X 5.25"      $17.00
Now $10.20

Felting Foam
Used with wool roving for anything other than felting on fabric
Piece of 2" thick foam

Large - 5" X 8" - $6.00

Now $3.60

Sorry - no picture available

 Cookie Cutter shapes for needle felting
All sizes are $1.75 each

Small are 1 - 1 1/4 inch
Large are 2 1/2 - 3 inch

Molds for creating Felted shapes

They work like the cookie cutter shapes listed above except you create individual three dementional pieces and then felt or sew them together
$6.50 each - complete with instructions
Now $3.90

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