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Brass Bracelet Blanks

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Brass bracelet blanks that can be used to make your designs or check out the kits
that have all of the beads and other supplies needed to complete the project.
These are perfect for use with the Crystal Clay products

 Brass bangle only - no beads included. Picture is just to show what the completed bracelet would look like.

New lower price **
Available in two widths

See Peyote Kit Page for the complete kit.

**New Stock Arrived June 2013 that are slightly different from the original ones. The metal is a much lighter weight with a seam, but the size is the same.

Brass bangle bracelet measures 2 5/8"
(inside measurement)

Narrow 3/8 inch (pictured above) or Wide 6/8 inch

Brass Cuff Bracelet Blank

Available in 3/4 inch and
1-1/8 inch wide

Brass is a soft metal so it is bendable to fit your wrist.

$5.00 each


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