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 The following sites are other bead related sites, bead shopping sites or bead societies. Enjoy!

Please contact the Web Master if any of the Links are not working properly or you find one that you think should be added.

Name / Description Type of site
Bead Wrangler Shopping, news, bead crochet - Florida
 Beadwork at  Free patterns - latest beady news - email groups and much, much more
Bead Museum  Gallery, classes - Arizona
Bead Creative Shopping, classes, gallery - Minneapolis, MN downloadable patterns - some free
 Lea Zinke  REALLY great lampwork
Love-R-Beads Shopping - Las Vegas, NV
Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild  Bead Society
 Healing Beadwork Rev. Susan Aguirre
 Keystone Jewelery  Elegant one-of-a-kind hand crafted jewelry
Peacock Gardens  For those times when you just have to be outside
Purple Fleece For all of you Fiber people who have switched to beads - but still love fiber
Shipwreck Beads Shopping - Olympia, WA
Storm Cloud Trading Shopping - St. Paul, MN
 Talisman Beads Vintage German, Stone, Pearls, Pewter, Chinese Lampwork
Upper Midwest Bead Society Bead Society - Minneapolis/St. Paul Area
Bead Babe  Beads, Supplies, Finished Jewelry

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