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KITS - Peyote Stitch


Dragon's Tail Bracelet
by Doris Coghill
Quadra Lentils and size 6 seed beads are combined in circular peyote to form a very firm bracelet. It looks like a bangle but closes with a slide clasp.

Quantity Kit $42.00

Also Available as a pattern only

Quantity Pattern $10.00

Available in Brown or Purple

Matching necklace done with netting stitches also available

Split Tila Necklace

This Necklace is made up of an eleven bead wide odd count flat peyote band using two colors of Tila Beads and two colors of Half Tila Beads. It is embellished with 2.8mm drop beads as you go.

Doing peyote with a two-hole bead is basically the same as using a round bead. With a round bead you will go through the hole in the bead twice, once as you pick up the bead and then again as you add the next row.
With two-hole beads you will only go through each hole once.

Quantity Kit $40.00


Black                             Brown

Also Available as a pattern only

Quantity Pattern $10.00

Sunburst Necklace

Start with an 18 mm Swarovski stone surrounded with ruffled peyote and more Swarovski Crystals.
The necklace has a slight ruffle to it and is also embellished with Swarovski.

Quantity Kit $59.00

Also Available as a pattern only

Quantity Pattern $12.00

Floral Fantasy Bracelet
by Doris Coghill

Everyone loves flower and leaf beads. Now you can use your favorite beads and wear them on your wrist.

This attractive cuff bracelet uses a peyote base and loops of seed beads topped with flower and leaf beads. 300 plus flower and leaf beads are included with the kit, along with everything else you will need to complete this attractive bracelet.

Price $52.00


Beads in both kits may vary slightly based on availability of the various flower and leaf beads.

 Colors Available:

Spring Fantasy
contains shades of light blue - yellow - white - mauve - green - pink

 Pattern Only - $12.00

 Summer Fantasy -
contains shades of blue

Two-Drop Peyote Bracelet
by Doris Coghill     

Cuff Bracelet using the two-drop method of patterned peyote. Feels luscious when you have it on

Kit includes everything you need to make the bracelet - beads, button clasp, needles and thread.
Kit $34.00        Kit - Quantity


Colors Available:
 Root Beer - Shades of brown, root beer and white
 Black Beauty - Silver, black, grey and white


Pattern Only - $12.00

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