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Before I turned to beads full time I did local crafts fairs for
25 years selling a variaty of whatever craft was popular at the time.
What will be for sale on these pages is mostly one of kind and is
excess stock from my craft fair days

Also Avaialble:

Jewelry        Stained Glass     Ceramics & Porcelain

Decorator Plates


I heat both the blank plate and china decal in hot water. The decal is slid off of its backing onto the plate and carefully stretched to fit the plate, then smoothed to remove bubbles and dried. Once the decal has dried it is placed in a kiln and fired to 1300 degrees which causes the glaze on the plate to become porous and the decal to become a permanent part of the glazed surface.

The plates can be hand washed if necessary, but do not soak in water as excessive washing may harm the gold rim. The plates should not be used to store food.

8 1/8 inches in diameter with gold rim. Back of plate is white.

$12.99 each


Santa and Bag
Teddy Bear & Cat

Two Cats

Three hunting dogs


Black & White Puppy


Cat Standing by Fire

Cat Laying by Fire

Cat on Bed



Peach Roses

Santa and Reindeer

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