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Listing of Available Beads and Crystals
If you do not see what you are looking for - please email,
we do carry a few other sizes that are not listed on these pages
We also carry bead storage - Flip Top Boxes

 Japanese Beads
   Magatama's - Beads with off center holes that form a drop shape
New Toho 4mm Magatama's have arrived
   Long Magatama's
   2.8mm tiny drop beads-
   Peanut Beads    See below for Large Peanuts from Czech
    3mm Square
   4mm Square - Great as spacer or accent beads
   Fringe Beads - Small drop beads perfect for fringe or other embellishment
   1.5mm Cubes from Toho - Japan
  1.8mm cubes from Miyuki - Japan
   Size 8 Traingles from Toho - Japan - Have sharp edges
   Size 11 Triangles - Perfect for fringe, in designs or bead embroidery
   Size 14 Triangles - Perfect for fringe, in designs or bead embroidery closeout sale
   Delica Beads - Your favorite round cylinder beads - Size 11
   Size 10 Delica's - Your Favorite round Cylinder beads in a slightly larger size 10
   Size 8 Delica's - Your Favorite round Cylinder beads in size 8
   Bugle Beads - 3 sizes perfect for fringe or Christmas ornaments
   Seed beads (Round)- Size 15-11-8-6 - Including Toho Perminent Finish mixes
 NEW  Toho Semi Glazed seed beads
  NEW  Miyuki Picasso Seed Beads
   Half Tila
 NEW   Quarter Tila
 NEW   ZoliDuo

 Czech Beads
 NEW Diamond Duo - two-hole beads from Czech
 NEW   Super8 - two-hole beads from Czech
   Magatama's - Beads with off center holes that form a drop shape
 NEW  Two Hole Daggers - Some with Etched finish
  NEW  24K Gold and Sterling Szie 15 Czech Charlottes
   Niblets - Hard to find - 3x5mm "pillow" beads - New colors
   Large Peanut Beads
   Twin Beads/Super Duo Beads/Large Super Duo Beads from The Czech Republic
   Mini Super Duo Beads
   CLOSEOUTS - Size 6 - 8 -11 - But once they are gone there are no more
Get them while they last
   Czech Buttons - The perfect thing for a clasp or a centerpiece

 Vintage Czech
  Vintage goodies that I found in the antique shops during my trips to the Czech Republic. Buttons, clasps and cabs.
   Nailhead beads

 Lampwork Beads
   Lampwork - Hand made flame worked beads from the Czech Republic

 Swarovski Main Catalog Page
   Vintage Crystal Figures
   New Crystals - Cubes and Bicones
  New Swarovski Sequins
   Swarovski Rivoli and other cabsNEW Colors and sizes
   Swarovski Crystal Kits - Christmas Earrings

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